Roofing? Yea, We Nailed It.

Why Choose TBRoofing?

TB Roofing & Construction, LLC. has been in the roofing business more than 25 years; serving the Tampa Bay area with quality work and impeccable customer service. We are certified in all areas of roofing, from flat roofs, shakes, shingles, metal and tile.

Today we are one of the top rated roofing contractors in Tampa Bay because we refuse to settle for anything less than perfect. If you’re not satisfied then neither are we. The job isn’t finished until you say it is, we work for you.

The roof is not where you want to take a back seat to quality workmanship. Not only do you run the risk of high repair fees if not installed properly but, you also end up damaging personal property as the roof begins to leak into the house and saturate your belongings that you worked hard for.

Let’s assume that you catch the problem in time and you don’t get mold, lucky you. With the humidity conditions in Florida and the forever changing weather conditions, mold has made a home in this beautiful sunshine state, don’t let it make a home in your house! This is why we demand quality workmanship and offer annual inspections to ensure you get the full life out of your roof.

With time, your roof will age with exposure to the environment and because it’s your first line of defense it is important to have a professional roofing company regularly repair, maintain and inspect your investment. That’s where we come in……on time, every time!

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